Introducing PreSafe

-- Keeping our loved ones out of harm’s way

PreSafe is our Internet of Thing (IoT) device that goes with your loved one with dementia, and signals you via your smartphone whenever that person is at risk for the most common causes of injury for people with dementia: Hypothermia, Heat Exhaustion, Pedestrian Traffic Accidents, Drowning and Falls. PreSafe provides exact location of your loved one (and even tells you what floor of a tall building they’re on), allows you to assemble your family and neighbors to assist in offering help--even if you’re miles and miles away.

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PreSafe Provides a Dome of Sensor Protection
wherever your loved one goes

PreSafe Guards Against
Potential Risks of Injury

Hypothermia, pedestrian accidents on dangerous road crossings, drowning and falling are the most common causes of serious injury for people with dementia. As a carer, you and your family, friends and neighbors can mitigate those risks should they arise, because PreSafe alerts you when those risks are around, and where those risks are coming from, well before any unfortunate events happen

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PreSafe allows Family, Friends, and Neighbors to Help

By sharing the PreSafe Mobile App with your family, friends, and neighbors, they become a part of your team to help ensure that your loved one with dementia enjoys freedom and liberty while always having someone nearby who is ready and willing to lend a hand when needed.

Your lives are more free than before

We believe that confinement is not a health care solution, but that everything must be done to ensure that living with dementia does not result in needless restrictions on freedom and liberty, and both carers and their loved ones living with dementia enjoy autonomy and independence to the greatest possible degree.

And for those with early stage dementia who use a smart phone…

We developed PreSafe mobile to mobile (PreSafe M)

PreSafe M is for people living with dementia who have the habit of using a smartphone. PreSafe M installs on your loved one’s smartphone--as a mobile app--and signals their location and well-being by alerting their carers whether there are nearby hazards (in much the same way as our PreSafe IoT device does, but without any cost).

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